For those who want to achieve their goals and reach the top of their profession/career we offer the new efficient method of public speaking and presentational technique training – MPVM aka Method Presentation of Verbal Material.
The Method is meant for those: who due to their field of work must present verbal material to clients but experience difficulties when it comes to performing in front of an audience; who are planning to have an interview (be it a job interview, conference participation or performing a business pitch at an event etc.); who work in the advertising world and PR, at the same time being non-native speakers.
Carefully developed technique of MPVM includes various aspects of training:
– Work on the Voice (to help develop the “natural” voice of the speaker, mastering the technique of proper breath support, which allows anyone to speak for long periods of time, project the voice forward, without hurting the vocal cords)
– Movement / posture work (Generated movement skills allow the speaker to feel more liberated and relaxed during presentation of the verbal material, as well as guarantee the appearance of natural gestures and mimicry)
– Work on English phonetics (accent reduction)
– Work on the text (work on the text or text analysis provides full understanding of the text by the non-native speaker as well as helps to find adequate intonations)
– Psychological training (will provide the feeling of psychological safety and emotional freedom while communicating with any types of audiences).


MPVM Packages: